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Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan, S-Guard

Best in Luxury: Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan

This model from Mercedes-Benz was adjudged as the best car in the luxury department, that’s according to the research conducted by Strategic Vision for 2008. This isn’t the first time that Strategic Vision has conducted this kind of research and survey. The S-Class sedan from Mercedes-Benz scored an impressive 950 points, more than enough to best the Lexus LS Sedan. The name S-Class that is affixed to the model name of Mercedes-Benz is derived from the German word Sonderklasse, and which the the word S-Class is an abbreviation. This German word means special class and when used in automotive terms, this will mean that it is a specially-outfitted car. This label or terminology was first used in 1973 with the debut of the W116 model line.

The original S-Class of Mercedes-Benz has been around for decades, and this is considered as the world’s best-selling luxury flagship sedan. This is the foremost model in the Mercedes-Benz line-up and as such has been used to premiere most new Mercedes car technologies. Some of the company’s innovation that was premiered on the sedan include the advanced safety systems, drivetrain technologies and some notable interior features. The S-Class is the first one that introduced the first air bag supplemental restraint systems, seat belt pretensioners and the electric stability control. The S-Class being a showcase of the brand and its new innovations and technologies has managed to reap awards and accolades along the way. Other S-Class safety features through the years include the active safety, passive safety and holistic safety. What is called as active safety means accident avoidance, passive safety on the other hand means collision protection and the holistic safety will mean the integration of both active and passive safety features on the sedan.

The S-Guard

The Mercedes S-Class series is also available in a number of special models. One such model under the S-Class is the S-Guard. The S-Guard is a special version of the S-Class in a way that this car is armored. The model was conceptualized and designed to be used on high-risk security environments and the use of this model is geared towards diplomats and celebrities. First introduced in 2006, the S-Guard has some special features that include the capability to withstand military-grade small arms fire and certain explosive device, a self-sealing fuel tank and a special alarm system. Based on some record, there are ninety governments worldwide that uses this sedan from Mercedes. For non-dignitaries and leaders, they can opt for the High-Protection S-Guard with the ability to withstand small arms fire and other high-velocity ammunitions. The use of this sedan is just perfect for people who needs extra security. This special sedan of the S-Class series is built on a special production line facility in Sindelfingen, Germany.



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