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Nissan Anti-Drunk Driving Concept Ride

Nissan takes DUI and drunk-driving related injuries seriously. That is why, the company is set to design and to produce a concept vehicle that takes in ‘mind’ a drunk and an intoxicated vehicle so that injuries and fatalities related to drunk driving may be reduced. The concept vehicle in the mind of Nissan engineers will be the Nissan Fuga sedan. This sedan will showcase multiple advanced technologies that are designed to help reduce drunk driving, and of course the injuries related to it. This so-called proof of concept vehicle was developed to research and then showcase the breakthrough technologies that can be applied potentially on Nissan vehicles so that these can be introduced in the market in the near future. It was explained that based on the concept, the key in preventing these kinds of injuries is by preventing the intoxicated driver from getting on the road. The research vehicle of Nissan will be equipped with an alcohol sensor that is built into the transmission shift knob that can effectively detects the presence of alcohol based on the perspiration coming from the palm of the driver. Of course there will be a designated threshold for the allowable alcohol content in the body of the vehicle, so the moment the alcohol sensor on the knob detects that the concentration is way above the set threshold, the system will effectively lock the transmission and will then immobilize the car. The Nissan vehicle will then gives a voice alert thru the navigation system that will explain why the vehicle is locked and immobilized. Aside from the alcohol sensor fitted at the shift knob of the vehicle, the ride will also features odor sensors that are built into the driver’s and the passengers’ seats that will effectively detect the presence of alcohol in the air of the vehicle’s cabin.

It isn’t just the odor and thru the sweats of your palm. Your behavior can be the basis as well. The concept car Fuga of Nissan has technologies that can detect behavior that’s related to drunk driving. There will be a facial recognition system that can monitor the driver’s awareness through the blinking of the eyes. There will also be a technology on board that can monitor the behavior of the vehicle and see if the vehicle is veering off the lane. If there will be signs that show inattentiveness or drowsiness that is related to drunk driving, then the vehicle will provide visual and audible alerts. Seat belts on-board the vehicle will be then tightens in order to gain the attention of the driver.



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