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Chrysler 300C

Best in Near Luxury Car: Chrysler 300C

My Babeyy

For the near luxury car segment, the Chrysler 300C proved to be the better model. This Chrysler product netted 927 points in the survey and research conducted by Strategic Vision. Chrysler beat a BMW and an Audi in this segment.

This is the top of the line version of the Chrysler 300 and uses the 5.7 L Hemi V8 engine. The engine of the car can run on all four cylinders when less power is needed so as to reduce fuel consumption. Expect the Chrysler 300C to post a 15 mpg for city driving and 23 mpg for highway driving. When the eight cylinders are needed, this vehicle can produce 340 horsepower. The car features a 5-speed automatic transmission and comes standard with 18 inch chrome-clad alloy wheels. The car will also get the Chrysler’s MyGig Infotainment in 2008 system and the SIRIUS Satellite Radio and also the backseat television for the 2008 model. The Chrysler 300C has also the Heritage version that features the 5.7 L engine with a number of the SRT-8s exterior modification, added chrome accents, special badging and special tires on the 18 inch wheels. This version sports another firsts. This is the first Chrysler vehicle that has the SmartBeam headlights. The Heritage version debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show in January 2006.



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