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Volvo C30 hatchback

Volvo C30 T5 1.0 Hatchback

This vehicle tops the small specialty vehicle under $25,000.00 segment. The C30 got 904 points just enough to move it past Ford Mustang Coupe and the Volkswagen GTI. The result was provided for by Strategic Vision as part of their yearly research that dated back to 1995. This hatch version of the C30 is offered in two versions; the 1.0 and the 2.0. the i.0 version of the C30 hatch is a well-equipped base model, while the 2.0 version of the hatch feature more unique styling accents like the 3.5 inch exhaust tips, a color coordinated exterior trim, aluminum dash inlays and the premium Pro-Logic II sound.

Just like any other Volvo vehicles, the C30 is crafted and designed with safety in mind. Its focus on safety can be seen on efforts by the brand to develop safety features that includes a method of overcoming the blind spots or dead areas in the driver’s view to the rear through a system that’s introduced by Volvo. This technology is known as the BLIS or the Blind Spot Information System. The C30 also includes the four-wheel anti-lock braking system ABS, the electronic stability, traction control and the airbags for that all around side impact and roll over protection. The vehicle also boasts the patented front and rear structure using four different grades of steel so as to absorb and then redistribute the impact energy around the body of the vehicle. Standard on the C30 are the Whiplash Protection System and the Side Impact Protection System with side air bags and the Inflatable Curtain. Seat belts will feature pretensioners so as to protect the occupants against unexpected accidents. The C30 also has the Volvo Intelligent Driver Information System or the IDIS.



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