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Mercury Sable

‘Car That Came from the Moon’

For large car segment, the Mercury Sable rules them all. That’s based on the survey done by Strategic Vision for 2008. The car from Mercury scored 877 points, the best in the segment and narrowly edging the Hyundai Azera and the Ford Taurus who managed to post 875 points out of the possible 875 points.

The name ‘car from the moon’ was coined by the press in reference to the futuristic design of the car when it was first unveiled in the market. An important design of the Sable when it was first introduced was the front light bar, a low wattage lamp positioned in between the front headlamps. This car was initially offered in 1986 and marked a name in the market after it sold nearly 2 million units for the next 20 years. The Sable was updated in 1992 and this received a complete redesign in 1996. The Sable was available in four generations. The fifth generation Sables (2008-present) features a number of updates and changes from the existing Montego. These changes include a new front end with Milan-inspired headlights, exterior satin-aluminum mirror and the door handle accents and a new LED tailights. The 3.5 L Cyclone engine from the Ford Edge was added and this replaced the continuously variable transmission or the CVT.



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