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Scion xB

Scion xB: Best Small Multi-function

Scion XB
The Scion xB is a Toyota product sold under the youthful Scion brand and this car was adjudged as the best small multi-function vehicle based on the survey conducted by Strategic Vision. The vehicle scored 876 points out of the possible 1000 points and it bested the Volkswagen Rabbit and the Chevrolet HHR. Industry average for the multi-function segment stands at 837. The second generation of the xB was unveiled at the 2007 Chicago Auto Show and this new xB was more rounded in shape than the old one. The second generation of the xB is powered by the 2.4L engine that’s shared with the tC and the Toyota Camry. Same with the 2006 model, the second generation xB comes with standard features like the VSC and the ABS. Six air bags come as a standard as well



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