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Tax-break for Chevy Volt?

It seems that General Motors is laying the right ground work for expected arrival of the Chevy’s Volt. One news report suggest that General Motors is seeking a tax break for the Chevrolet Volt. The company is lobbying Congress to set up tax credits for the extended range electric vehicles, such as the plug-in hybrid. If some of the speculations are to be believed, the tax break on the Volt can take away anywhere from $3,000.00 to $7,000.00 off the vehicle’s sticker price. Though General Motors have not announced a fix pricing for the Volt, some reports suggest that the price could be pegged at $40,000.00. A spokesman for GM, Greg Martin said that when that tax break do happen in the future, it won’t solely be available and exclusive for the Volt. Any tax break that will benefit the Volt will surely benefit other similar vehicles that uses the same technology. Nissan, Toyota and Ford have been working with policy makers right now to ensure that a legislative language includes extended-range electric vehicles and other future green-tech vehicles. Toyota Prius enjoyed tax breaks as well and this were part of the company’s initial push for the product in the market. This is a step to help spur consumer acceptance of the hybrid. But not all hybrid may be covered by tax breaks, if indeed it will happen. One such vehicle that isn’t expected to be included is the Tesla Roadster. This $100,000.00 plus ride is a high-end niche vehicle.

The spokesman for GM added that no action on the petition is expected until after the presidential election in November. The vehicle is still on target for the expected 2010 production.



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