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Audi R8

R8 Technology in Focus: Audi Magnetic Ride

Audi R8

You have to excuse my R8 posts. There are many of course. It’s just that I am researching well on this car since this is one of my dream cars out there. On one of my pages in this blog, I listed the Nissan Skyline/GT-R as one of my faves of all time. Now, the Audi R8 for 2008 is next on my list.

One technology that sets the R8 apart from the competition is the Audi Magnetic Ride. From the car’s micro-site, this technology is labeled as the one that makes the Audi R8 a smooth operator on the road. This technology is actually called the Audi magnetic ride damper system. That instead of the conventional oil, the shocks on the car are filled with the special fluid whose viscosity can be controlled by the electromagnetic field. This innovative technology that can be seen on the Audi TT as well uses the magneto-rheological fluid-filled dampers that can effectively provide continuously variable real-time suspension damping control. Thru this kind of technology, the vehicle can get maximum driving dynamics and superior road isolation that can result in better driver comfort. It responds in real time to the varied road and driving conditions based on input from sensors that can monitor the body and wheel motion.



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