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All-in One Vehicle Control System

Allow your car to stay under the sun for a few minutes, and then enter your car. What do you feel? A few minutes outside on an extremely hot day is sure to give your car the hot temperature that makes you think that you are in the kitchen! Now in order to address this extreme temperature inside, drivers can turn on the air conditioning system and the car’s cooling system will take care of the temperature of the engine compartment. We know that’s necessary so that engine won’t overheat. But other than these, there is another way to address this issue inside your car. And would you want to turn on the car’s air conditioning system minutes before you enter the car? Enter the remote start system. This technology is actually sold by after-market suppliers and sold by vehicle manufacturers as well such as by General Motors. Price may range from $100 to $400 depending on the sophistication of the product. An example of a more sophisticated version of this product is the one produced by Directed Electronics of San Diego. The Viper system from the company connects directly into the so-called controller are network, the data bus that forms the electronic architecture of most new cars. With this product, the car owner can have a control of almost every electronic system in their car. For example if you are about to enter your car in around 20 minutes time, then you can use the control so that the air conditioning system can be started at once. The result? A cooler interior by the time you enter your car! Aside from controlling the air conditioner functions, the remoter control can also open windows, unlock doors, sound the horn and start the music.

The main purpose of this system, they say is to prevent theft. This new anti-theft system will feature a remote start, both the factory installed and the after-market systems, then tie into the controller area network and these are the most sophisticated in the market. The Viper remote can unlock the doors via the encrypted signals into the system’s brain. If somebody attempts to open the car without the proper signal, the Viper will sound an alarm. There are a lot of things that can be done by the Viper remote start system and you can check the news article here.

This is an award-winning product. It just won the innovation award at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. So if you are looking for added control on your car, then this product is sure to fit you like a glove. Look for other systems and technologies like these in the market for better safety and convenience on the road.



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