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Sex and the City and Mercedes

sex and the city

Mercedes-Benz joined the bandwagon. After the success of Transformers movie with a tie-in with General Motors and Audi’s own attempt to market Audi vehicles specially the Audi R8, it’s now the turn of Mercedes-Benz to take advantage of the power of this media. The company has forged a partnership with New Line Cinema for the up-coming movie Sex and the City that stars Sarah Jessica Parker, among others. The partnership includes promotional advertisements and the S-Class in the background shots of the movie. The character of Kim Catrall will also drive the new GLK-350 compact SUV. There will also be a Sex and the City-themed Mercedes commercial that will be shown.

Even before Mercedes-Benz entered the picture, the show has been known as the marketer’s heaven. Brand names and luxury goods are name-dropped on a a regular basis on the show. Manolo Blahnik heels, designer gowns and dresses and other symbols of materialism are often mentioned and paraded on the show. Some of the mentioned brands like Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahniks have become household names, thanks to the show’s characters. Now, it’s Mercedes-Benz turn to take advantage on what was referred to as the ‘superbowl for women’. The label is in reference to the fact that the football championships draw tons of money from advertisements. Including Mercedes-Benz, the movie has partnerships with at least eight companies. Mercedes is one; and Steve Cannon of Mercedes-Benz said that his company do not pay for product placement but has its own media campaign promoting its involvement with the film and the product used.



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