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A Camaro for Perfect Attendance

This is sure to address student delinquency and frequent leaves and absences in that school. Daniel Sanchez, 17 of East Valley Institute of Technology won a cherry-red Camaro convertible just for showing in class without fail for a year! Actually four students were selected from a draw, and the draw included students who never missed a class for the year. There were 142 students who passed the pre-requisite of no-leaves/absences for the year, and it was Daniel Sanchez who finally got the key for the red convertible Camaro.

The school is located in between Dobson and Alma School roads in Mesa and this is home to students coming from 10 school districts for half the school day and these students study everything from cosmetology to fire science. A spokesperson from the school said that the awarding of the Camaro vehicle was the culmination of a year’s worth of work. The 142 students who qualified never took a sick day leave. Steve Marley of Thorobred Chevrolet donated the said car to support perfect attendance. The Camaro was custom-painted at the school’s tech fest by car artist Rich Evans of Huntington Beach Bodyworks.



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