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Spotlight on Ford Focus Coupe 2009

2008 ford focus

*Picture above is a 2008 Ford Focus

This is the first vehicle of Ford Motors to debut on primetime, and not on Detroit or Geneva auto show mind you. The move of Ford Motors was to tap the immense popularity of the American Idol and of course gain access to more than 20 million viewers. So what’s the Ford Focus coupe 2009 has to offer? John Felice of Ford Division group characterize the Ford Focus as a little car that can deliver in a big way. He said that the Ford Focus is fun to drive, has strong quality and priced just right. It comes in with 35 miles per gallon, just the right car for those who wants to save.

The new 2009 Focus that will be delivered this year offer new front and rear fascias, standard integrated foglamps, chrome grille and the headlamp accents. For the Focus SES, it will come with a standard high-mounted spoiler, and the SE version of the Focus on the other hand features deck lid spoiler. The new dark chrome 17-inch aluminum wheels complete the looks and the design of the SES trim. The 2009 Ford Focus coupe features a 2.0 liter inline four cylinder engine that can provide you with 143 horsepower when combined with the five-speed manual transmission; and 140 horsepower if combined with the four-speed automatic. The 2009 Focus SES coupe also features more horsepower and a throatier sound, courtesy of the sport-tuned exhaust. There is a new option on the 2009 version of the Focus, and that’s the electronic stability control or the ESC that uses sophisticated sensros and the anti-lock braking system that can help correct skids that we know leads to accidents.

Aside from the 2.0 liter Duratec 20 dual-overhead cam DOHC inline 4-cylinder engine, there’s the super clean, 130 horsepower Duratec 20E engine as well. This engine qualifies as a Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle or PZEV. tailpipe emissions of this car is way cleaner that some of the hybrid gas-electric vehicles out there. Also getting an attention on the Focus is the SYNC standard. This technology will come as a standard on the SES series and an option on the SE. This technology is a fully integrated in-vehicle, voice activated communications and entertainment system for drivers to use their Bluetooth cellphones and other digital media players. This technology was first introduced on the Focus 2008 and was received well by consumers.

This car will be available later this summer and will come with a sticker price of $15,920.00.



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