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America’s affluent population once again named Porsche as the most prestigious car available in the market right now. This is the fourth year that the brand has snagged this accolade. This was based on Luxury Institute 2008 survey on luxury brands. On the survey, eleven auto brands were rated and Porsche topped ’em all. Following the lead of Porsche is Lexus at number 2 and Mercedes-Benz at number three. Luxury Institute surveyed 1,600 American consumers that has an average income of $349,000.00 and average net worth of $3.7 million. Clearly, the intent of the survey was really to talk to the moneyed class and get their take on what is the most desired car or the more prestigious car for them! For this year’s survey, the participants reacted in a positive note on Porsche for its stellar performance reputation.

Porsche has always been known as one of those leading brands in terms of performance and prestige. Most of the brand’s models are best-sellers. For example, there’s the Porsche 911, the Boxter Roadster, the Cayman, the Cayenne and the Carrera GT.

Lexus on the other hand is the luxury division of Toyota Motor Corporation. The brand is often adjudged as the most reliable auto in the market right now. Right now, Lexus is considered as the fourth largest luxury brand in the world by volume.



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