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Focus on Idol; Syesha Bids Goodbye

American Idol

Tonight on American Idol; Syesha Mercado, David Archueleta and David Cook aren’t only the ones that will get the spotlight. Ford Motors 2009 Ford Focus coupe’ is set to premiere as well! To officially unveil this Ford model in primetime, at the top show in America today, the company is set to air a 45 second music video that can also be viewed any time of the day at the American Idol site. For those of you who don’t care about the show- I am one of those a year ago- you can just check the Focus video on the American Idol site. This move by Ford Motors is a great way to market the new model from the manufacturer. With viewers numbering 20 million a night, there is no doubt that the 2009 Ford Focus coupe’ can get the best attention, and at prime time at that! This move was the first for the company. So why debut the car in a television show, and not on auto shows and expositions as it has been the tradition? Sam De la Garza, Focus Marketing Manager acknowledges the value of television. He believe that showing this coupe’ on television is a creative new approach.

Ford has chosen just the right time to premier their treasure model tonight, being an anti-climactic end story for American Idol. Way before they were three; I do believed that David Archueleta and a David Cook showdown is inevitable. In fact I know this to be shaping up the moment Carly Smithson has been booted out by AI voters. Hmm That moment, one of the more talented AI finalist has been booted out. But then I relaxed a bit knowing that Brooke White is still there and I am a fan. But as her performances go, we see Brooke wasting whatever advantages she has when the show started. So the inevitable happened; Brooke White was taken off the show. At that point, I know for certain that a David will win the American Idol.

In fact it is shaping up, since it was reported that Syesha Mercado got the boot! Though Syesha gave it all during her last performance, that wasn’t enough to avert a David/David show. Tonight will be a fun-filled show once again, but then another Idol will be leaving. And sadly Syesha’s new-found energy and enthusiasm is not enough to send her to top 2. Expect millions of viewers to tune in once again to watch the departure of one talented Idol. If this is bad news for one, then for sure the number of viewers and the primetime slot of the show is helpful for the cause of Ford Motors. The Ford Focus 2009 is set to premier with a bang!
Syesha Mercado American Idol

For Syesha, I think it was already an achievement for her to reach the top 3. In fact I was counting on her dismissal early on. She’s been on the bottom three numerous times, and good thing her electrifying performance saved her on the latter part of the show. For me, it was either Brooke or Carly on the top three. But then, it was Syesha. She will leave the stage with head held up high!



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