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Wisconsin Leads in DUI Cases

There’s a news entry out there that caught my attention, and this is in relation with my latest post about DUI. The news story revealed that people from Wisconsin drive under the influence of alcohol, or at least admit to it- at a higher rate if compared with the residents of the other states. Based on a federal study, more than 26 percent of Wisconsin adults 18 and older recently told government researchers that they had driven under the influence the past year. This percentage from Wisconsin among states. The same survey also found out that the national average was pegged at 15.1 percent. The study that was conducted on DUI was found consistent with a number of data on drinking in the state. Wisconsin, based on the figures are among the country’s leaders in per-person consumption of alcohol and has the country’s lowest abstention rate as well. The 26.4 percent rate of driving under the influence that was registered by Wisconsin was almost three times that of Utah- the state with the lowest percentage.

So if Wisconsin finished on top of the survey, what other states figured prominently at the top? Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota joined Wisconsin in the list. Based on the survey, 23 percent of Nebraska motorists have driven under the influence. But some people aren’t taken by surprise by these findings. Fred Zwonechek of Nebraska’s Highway Safety;

Alcohol consumption is part of the culture in Nebraska and other upper-Midwestern states. Unfortunately, we pay some pretty significant prices for that.

If the northern states are known for higher percentages of drunk driving, then the opposite is true for southern states. States like Virginia, Arkansas and Kentucky have the lowest figures. Utah has the least.

The data was based from a combined results of surveys that was conducted in 2004, 2005 and 2006 by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. This agency is part of the Department of Health and Human Services. In all 127,283 drivers were surveyed nationwide.



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