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Ready for a Box-shaped vehicle?

nissan cube

The vehicle is shaped like a cube actually. If you have a desire to own a car that is a bit structured, and square-like then the Nissan Cube of Japan is the right vehicle for you. This Nissan product is a mini MPV that is sold in the Japanese market. Its name is derived from the way it looks. The construction of the vehicle is box-shaped with the front end of the vehicle as the only part that sticks. The introduction of this vehicle is geared towards the disabled customers, thanks to its simple designs and the modified chassis. The very first generation of the Cube was introduced in 1998 and shares the platform with Micra. The second generation of the Cube was introduced in 2004 and features a spacious interior as opposed to the earlier generation. The CVT was optional at this time. And for the 2005 version of the Cube, the vehicle now features a new HR series 1.5 Liter engine, same with the Nissan Tiida and available with the new e4WD. This vehicle is expected to hit US market soon, as announced by Ishiro Nakamura, Nissan’s global design director.



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