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Tesla’s Electric Supercar

If Audi’s trying to develop and design its own electric vehicle in the next 5 or 10 years, then Tesla Motors takes the initiative for now by introducing its own Tesla Roadster, the latest fully-electric vehicle that is available in the US. The introduction of the Tesla electric super car is a welcome development for those who seek better cars that don’t pose significant threat to the environment. This Roadster is being marketed as one of the first alternative-fuel vehicles produced with the power of a regular sports car.

The supercar was first unveiled as a prototype on July 19, 2006. Its first public appearance naturally got an extraordinary response from the viewing public. And who wouldn’t give this supercar a second look? A performance that can match a Ferrari without the trouble of major exhaust emissions! This car was presented as a beautiful car, that can feature great performance as well but could generate zero-emissions and burn no oil. And now after two years, Tesla started to manufacture the Tesla Roadster. The official regular production of the 2008 Tesla Roadster started March 17, 2008 and marks a historic milestone for the company and to the sector as a whole.

The two-seater Roadster can rush from zero to 100 km per hour in a matter of three seconds and can travel to over 320 km in just one charge. The electric motor of the vehicle is powered by 6,831 rechargeable lithium-ion cells that are slightly larger that your AA batteries.

The CEO of Tesla Motors calls the production of the Tesla Roadster as an important milestone for the company and a watershed for the new era of electric vehicles. Though he said this, the CEO believed that there are still a lot of work to be done. For one, it is the key focus of the company to increase the production of the car and it is hoped that the company can reach 100 Roadsters in a month by next year. The company is set to further expand the existing technological lead and it plans to deliver thousands of Roadsters a year. To hasten up its delivery of Tesla Roadsters in the US market, the company has decided to open its flagship Los Angeles store.

The roadster is priced a bit high and the company acknowledged the move. In a statement, they said that they chose to develop high-end sports car so that they can develop the so-called performance DNA from which they can create other electric vehicles. They added that the next model will leverage the Tesla Roadster technology, thus will result in a less expensive sports sedan that can be marketed and sold at a higher volume. For Tesla, the introduction of the Roadster is just the beginning.



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