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Injury-Proof Car by 2020?

Volvo Logo
Did you know that based on the figures held true by automakers, governments and various global agencies, nearly 1.2 million deaths and 50 million injuries can be traced to motor vehicle crashes each year? Now one auto manufacturer wants to wipe this memory off, and by creating a truly safe car.This is more like a pipe dream to some people, but this automaker strives to design, develop and manufacture an injury-proof car by 2020. Volvo is developing a car just like that in an effort to create a safe car for every one. So how will this car works and how different this car will be from the rest? Its major credential lies on the vast electronic bumper. This Volvo car in development can take a look at the road ahead and can steer and brake as well thanks to the information that can be supplied by the vast electronic bumper. And if the design will push through, the driver and the rest of the occupants of the vehicle will leave the car unharmed. This technology, some say is the biggest revolution since the seat belt. Of course there are some skeptics out there saying that this can’t be done. But one official said that even a tenfold reduction in injury rates will yield dramatic results.

In order to develop the concept and the car, Volvo uses principles sourced from different industries. For example, principles coming from aviation is used. The intention of the design is to start crash prevention and mitigation hours and not milliseconds before impact.

Volvo is no stranger to all things safe on cars. The company introduced the three-point seat belt and also pioneered the use of crumple zones, side impact air bags and rear-facing child seats. A survey by Consumer Reports also revealed that majority of American buyers said that Volvo is the safest out there.



2 thoughts on “Injury-Proof Car by 2020?

  1. Volvo << my I use it 5 years


    Posted by autos car | May 3, 2008, 12:02 pm
  2. Hey man this car sounds awesome but wat does it look like it prob real ugly

    Posted by Tanya | November 22, 2008, 4:36 am

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