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Murcielago: The Gas-guzzler?

With rising petrol prices, some consumers are taking a step back and taking a good look at their situations at the outside. Who wouldn’t? Rising prices of oil means spending more for gas, while reducing the budget for other expenses. Owners of fuel efficient cars need not worry but for the owners of the so-called gas-guzzlers on the road this issue is sure to worry them a bit. One such car that is often labeled as a gas-guzzler is the Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 roadster. A gallon of gas on this roadster can get you to only 8 miles in the city! The Murcielago post 13 miles per gallon on highways. Based on estimates, a driver of the Murcielago is expected to pay $5,025 a year in fuel costs.
Pic 2 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster 07

The roadster version of the Murcielago. If enthusiasts can shell out more than $300,000 for this roadster, then perhaps the cost of fuel for a year that can help sustain the Murcielago won’t worry the enthusiasts too much?

The LP640 of Lamborghini was initially introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2006, and this model is modified for the coupe version. Performance and power is centered on the 6.5 Liter engine that can produce 472 kW. As with the base Murcielago, engine is mounted backwards. The body of the car is crafted from steel and carbon fiber. The vehicle also features a new 18 inch Herrera alloy wheels and the vehicle also retains the original car’s scissor-opening doors. When it was initially offered in the market, the LP640 coupe has a sticker price of $318,800. The term ‘LP’ actually stands for Longitudinale Posteriore that actually refers to the longitudinally-mounted engine.

The car above is the roadster. The new Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster was unveiled at the 2006 Los Angeles Autoshow. The car retains the same engine and the only design modification were the oil cooling vents behind the air intakes, interior changes and a reinforced body.



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