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Cars For Retirees

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Cars are no longer just marketed to the hip segment of the market, to the fashionable, to the young, to the moneyed, the sports minded and to the sports-driven; car manufacturers take the needs of our retirees at the forefront as well. That’s right new cars that are designed right now are not just geared for the young; but these cars are geared for the ‘more mature’ segment of our society. The rationale is simple; to make driving easier and simpler for our retirees.

Right now, both Kia and Hyundai offer vehicles that can guide drivers with less-than-perfect eyesight. Perfect examples are the Hyundai Santa FE SUV and the Kia Sedona mini-van. Both models offer large climate and audio controls with stand-out text. The Acura brand also makes its one model retiree-friendly. The Acura RDX SUV features a driver seat that effectively adjusts to eight different settings. The pre-selected settings will effectively help drivers with limited range of motion in the upper body. These kind of amenities and features should come as a standards to up and coming vehicles since there is a growing market as well for our ‘retiree’ or the consumers that are aged 65 and older. In fact, according to the US Census Bureau statistics, more than 30 million licensed drivers are over 65 years old.

Forbes.com made a listing of what cars are best for retirees. They used a number of factors and these factors include crash-test safety ratings, safety measures such as the air bags, the driver’s seat position in proportion to the vehicle’s controls, the ease of egress and entrance and cargo space as well. So what cars made Forbes short list? At the top of the list is the Honda Odyssey. This vehicle scored high on safety ratings, an eight way power adjustable seats and there’s a sliding door for easy opening. Trailing the Odyssey are the Kia Sedona and the Hyundai Santa Fe. The Hyundai Entourage and the Honda CRV also made the cut.

The Honda Odyssey is a mini van that is produced by Honda and was first released in 1995. This van was available in three generations. There were two related but distinct Odysseys that were produced since 1999. The much larger Odyssey were sold in the North American market and the smaller ones that are sold in Japan and other markets. The Kia Sedona is yet another mini van from the Kia brand. The Honda CRV is a compact crossover SUV that is available in the market since 1996. The design of the CRV is loosely based from the Honda Civic so as to satisfy the need or the public demand for a sport utility vehicle coming from Honda.



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