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Get Greener: A 31.6 mpg by 2015?

Happy Earth Day 1

Time to shape up. This is basically the message that the Department of Transportation wants to send to automakers in the country. It is the objective of the Department of Transportation to require cars to meet the 35.7 mpg and for the light trucks to meet the standard 28.6 mpg. This means that the combined standard by 2015 should be at 31.6 mpg, and this figure actually represents a 25 percent increase over the present Federal fuel economy standards. This move by the Department of Transportation was timed for the celebration of the Earth day. This kind of proposal that was presented in effect will help people breathe easier, since carbon dioxide emissions will be greatly reduced and can also cut fuel consumption. Based on last year’s Energy bill, the combined mpg for both cars and trucks stand at 35 mpg. Based on studies, it was estimated that the automakers may need $47 billion in order to meet the requirements.

The plan if it will push thru can net significant savings along the way. The new plan that was unveiled on Earth Day is expected to save 55 billion gallons of oil and can effectively reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by 521 million metric tons over the life of new vehicles that are to be issued between 2011 and 2015. The new requirement will also add an average cost of $650 per passenger car and $979 per truck by 2015. Congress set to create regulations last year and claimed that an increase in the fuel efficiency of vehicles can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and would significantly cut the nation’s dependence on imported oil as well. This plan is expected to be finalized before the term of President George Bush ends.



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