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Black Means Aggressive?

black bmw

Though still haven’t found a research that actually backs the age-old belief that the color of your car may tell something about your personality; I come across another interesting write-up in the net that discusses this issue. From what I’ve read, the findings were based on surveys conducted in UK. So what are some of the results of the survey?

A black car suggests that the owner has an aggressive personality and may even suggest that the owner is an outsider or a rebel. Silver means that the owner is cool, calm and slightly aloof. The survey found out that when the car is green, the owner tends to have hysterical tendencies. Yellow car owners are deemed idealistic and novelty-loving. For blue cars, the owners are deemed reflective and cautious. Gray lovers are calm, sober and dedicated so contrast this with red that connotes zest and energy. The survey also shows that pink lovers are gentle and loving; white means status-seeking extroverts, and owners of cream-colored vehicles are least expected to be involved in an accident. Also the survey tried to correlate the color of the vehicle and the probability that the driver may be involved in an accident. For example black cars are twice as likely to get involved in crashes as the cream-colored vehicles. But let’s not take this kind of survey too seriously. This is another way of looking at things, and explaining every one’s choices, for example the choice of their car’s color. In the end, it really doesn’t matter as it’s you who eventually decides. So what’s your car’s color?



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