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Google Maps on BMW New Models

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This will actually start with the BMW 2008 X6 and the soon to be released 2009 BMW models. These Google Maps as we know it will form part of the BMW Assist Safety Plan. A feature that can allow BMW drivers and passengers to send directions, phone numbers and other relevant information from Google Maps to the BMW car.

First a quick look on the BMW Assist. This idea was first launched in 1999 as a way of helping BMW drivers navigate unfamiliar roads and terrains with ease and convenience. This is also envisioned to support the driver at times of emergency and can guide drivers out of the traffic jams. This works with the BMW Navigation System and the BMW preparation for Bluetooth mobile phone with integrated SIM card. But aside from these, the Assist also features the emergency call feature that can send pertinent information to BMW Service Headquarters. The system will actually send an automatic signal once the crash sensors in the airbags are activated in the event of a breakdown. In case you drive your car on the Autobahn, the Assist can also give you reliable and up-to-date traffic information. These are just some of the features of the BMW Assist technology.

So aside from Automatic Collision Notification, Emergency Request, an Enhanced Roadside Assistance; there is also MyInfo. MyInfo feature GoogleMaps for your driving convenience. The MyInfo feature on the BMW will of course allow you to reach your destination faster, conveniently and safer. So how does MyInfo works? First you have to research and to search for business locations and addresses using your home’s pc using Google Maps. With the use of the MyInfo service, you can then transfer these information that you have collected to your BMW. When you are already inside your car, you simply push the MyInfo button at the Assist Menu. With this, you can already call the phone number directly with the Bluetooth linked mobile phone. if your car is equipped with the navigation system, you can start the route guidance.

This feature is actaully available on 2008 and later X6 and all 2009 BMW Assist models, with the exception of the X3 and Z4.



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