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Jelena Jankovic Australian Open

I watched the finals of the Sony Ericsson Open that featured one of my fave player, Jelena Jankovic and Serena Williams. Thank god that our cable provider showed this tennis match, since I really find it hard to get quality tennis matches on cable right now. With all NBA and basketball stuff all over tv, you’ll think that this is the only sport on tv! Anyway back to the match. I tuned in late, with Serena up and set (6-1) and leading 1-0 on the second set. Then Serena leads 2-0 and then up 3-0. What is happening? This is cruel and boring at the same time. But the face of Jankovic suggest that all’s well. She has that friendly and happy face on court that really grows on you, in fact I am a recent fan convert.  Jankovic found his form, and Serena started to show some errors and in the end, Jankovic stole the second set 7-5. In the end, the experience of Serena proves to be the factor as she raced for games on the deciding set and finally winning it. It was’nt bad for Jankovic, and I am already a fan.

After the Sony Ericsson event, I visited the site and research things about this talented Serbian player. Prior to her finals appearance, I read a number of articles about her and what she likes. Hmm she seems to like as well all the finer things in life. In fact one of the things she likes as well are cars, fast cars at that. At one of her interview during the competition, Jankovic was asked if indeed she loves fast cars.

porsche 911 turbo

That’s a cool choice. In fact if I have the means as well, a Porsche will certainly be one of my choices. As far as I know, Jankovic is not entered on the Bausch and Lomb event, clay surface. I don’t see her posing a significant threat to Justine Henin this clay season. But expect to see her again during grass season and on Wimbledon and I will cheer for her, together with my other faves Ivanovic and Sharapova.



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