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The NextGen of Small Cars?

The Nissan Versa that was used (and marketed) in the Heroes series is actually being marketed by Nissan as the next-generation of small cars. The selling points of the Nissan Versa is its roomy interior space, great horsepower, great fuel economy and of course its high-tech amenities. Let’s try to check on these standards and features as we go on.

nissan versa 

The interior space that is delivered by the Versa is considered as the best in its class. So when there is a need for extra space and an extra leg room, then the Versa is the car to be in. This is a versatile car as well. Picture the interior of the car wherein you can convert that into cargo space when the situation merits it. Your Versa is not just a car for transporting people, as they say but a car that is well-suited as well to transport cargoes and packages.

Nissan also takes your safety as a priority. In fact, six air bags come as a standard on every Versa! More than fifty standard safety features are seen on this car, like the Active Head Restraints. These standard features are all part of the Nissan Safety Shield, the brand’s comprehensive approach to safety that enabled the Versa to snag high ratings on goverment crash tests.

All in all, the Versa is packaged as the commuter’s delight and something that can simplify the life of the daily driver. Not to expect too much on its performance though.



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