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Hiro Picks His Versa


That’s Hiro Nakamura of the hit Heroes series. Hiro Nakamura is that character on the show that can stop and travel thru time. In one of their adventures of Ando, he rented a Nissan Versa for their cross-country drive from Los Angeles to New York. In fact, the Nissan Versa is one of the most regularly metioned car on the show. You can see a drawing of the Versa every time Hiro takes a peek at the comic book that he is carrying. I watched Heroes Season 1 late last year and I never paid much attention to the car these two guys used. But when I tried reasearching on the Nissan Versa, I eventually learned that this was the same car that I saw on Heroes Season 1. Hmmm now that answers why the car on the comics and the images that I researched looked the same.

2007 Nissan Versa

The Nissan Versa first emerge on One Giant Leap. Upon the arrival of Hiro and Ando at the Los Angeles Airport, the two set to rent a car. The comics which Hiro used as his guide tells of a car that looks like a Nissan Versa as their mode of transportaion. Lucky for them, only one Versa is left and this car is the one they used to travel to New York. But aside from the Nissan Versa, there are other familiar models that are shown on the show. Other Nissan vehicles that was featured on the show include the Nissan Armada SUV that was used by the Bennet family, the Quest minivan and the Nissan Sentra sedan that was used by Mohinder Suresh. I think that there are other cars that were featured on the Heroes series, so I really need to finish this show. I managed to watch its premier season, but failed to watch the succeeding episodes on a regular basis. That would be my objective for this coming month, continue watching Heroes and Supernatural!



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