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Landaulet, Maybach

Got a Spare $1.35M?


Then get a 2009 Laundalet and be the talk of the town!

I recently blogged about the Lamborghini Gallardo hitting over $220,000.00 and thought that the price tag is overly grandiose. The price of the GT-R hovers around $80,000.00 and find the amount a little to high. The price of the SLR McLaren roadster can start at half a million dollars and find this price too high. But I guess, these prices pales in comparison to the shocking sticker price of the current Maybach. The over-the-top, well at least for me Landaulet concept by the Mercedes Maybach can fetch at least $1.35 million. That’s a lot of dollars for a single car, don’t you think? Maybach’s product manager described the Maybach Landaulet 2009 as:

The Landaulet is for the superrich individual who wants something that is extremely extraordinary and enjoys being driven in a car with acres of sky above them.

So what makes the Landaulet extar-ordinary?  Every Landaulet is powered by a V12 engine that is developed for the Maybach 57 S and the Maybach 62 S. The Landaulet is actually based on the Maybach S. The rear end roof of the Landaulet is removed so as to offer the passengers an un-obstructed view of the sky. Of course, a folding roof is provided for that can be used when the weather is un-friendly for some sky-watching and laid-back driving. The interior of the Landaulet is nothing to sneeze as well, thus solidifying the hold of the Maybach as the most prestigious luxury automobile around. This is based on a survey of 531 US millionaires. This Maybach is painted in Baltic Black or Nevada Silver. Consumers can select from three leather options and a choice of two trim finishes; the black piano lacquer that is combined with either carbon=fiber trim or the fine athracite poplar. Maybach can also meet certain consumer expectations and needs. For example, clients can choose individual appointments from the entire Maybach paint finish, leather and trim element range. Extra charge will be imposed to highly exclusive appointments such as special paint finishes based on the consumer demands.



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