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Audi R8: MSN Cars Car of the Year

Best in handling, the fastest car, best in design and best in performance; these are just some of the many awards that has been scooped by the Audi R8 since its introduction in the market. Of course, the best validation will be the ones coming from the consumers. And one such citation was delivered by MSN.com on its survey for MSN Cars Car of the Year. The award that was given by MSN was actually based on a poll of MSN Cars users that was posted late last year. The survey was based on all UK cars that was launched in 2007. And with over 37,000 votes cast, 42 percent of the votes were dedicated to the Audi R8.

So what are 2007’s best cars according to the users and the readers of MSN.com? Rounding off the top ten are the Ferrari F430 Suderia, the BMW M3, the Ford Mondeo, the Rolls Royce Phantom DHC, the Fiat 500, the Mercedes Benz C-Class, the Mini Clubman, Mitsubishi i and the Mazda 2. The bottom dweller, the Mazda 2 incidentally was the recipient of the Car of the Year at the recnetly concluded New York Auto Show.

Previous winners of this survey were the BMW 3-Series Coupe’ for 2007, the Bugatti Veyron for 2006 and the Aston Martin DB9 for 2005.




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