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audi R8

The Audi R8 is a towering figure in the sports car category. In fact it won a number of awards this year. This is perhaps a testament to the quality of the Audi R8, that is why I am making this post about this car. I even read that this R8 is even better than the SLR and can even match a Ferrari. Too good to be true? There’s no other way but to find that out, and here’s my little research about this Audi sportscar.

The Audi R8 first entered the consciousness of car enthusiasts way back in 2006 when this appeared in a number of automotive shows. The body structure and the platform of the R8 is somewhat similra to the Lamborghini Gallardo; it is because Audi has full ownership of a subsidiary of Lamborghini- the Lamborghini S.p.A. The R8 was officially launched at the Paris Auto Show in 2006.

On the technical side of the R8; the R8 is equipped with the 4.2 Liter FSI V8 engine, the same engine that powers the Audi RS4. Transmission maybe manual or R-Tronic. More than just power, our Audi R8 has an optional Bang & Olufsen sound system and the Carbon-Ceramic composite brakes with monobloc Brembo calipers.

The R8 is built using the Audi Space Frame Design that was also used in constrcuting the A8 and the A2. The body structure of the R8 is crafted from aluminum material. When the R8 is crafted, the body structure is first attended. the supporting structure is largley hand-crafted from a series of aluminum extrusions. If you are interested how each R8 is really crafted from the start from body to finishing, this site can help you and you can learn more. A first-hand account as to how the R8 is crafted in Neckarsulm complex in Germany. Perhaps due to the kind of attention that is showered on every R8, you can expect that not too many R8s are produced every day. In fact the R8 team of Audi can tune around 27 to 28 cars a day, or can move up to 30 cars a day.

After the R8 has been assembled adn all the necessary parts and accesories are all accounted for, the car is fired up before being driven to the staging area for the usual test. As with other cars, the R8 is driven up to moderate speed so that all the necessary systems can be checked, like the lights, the steering and the rest. On an average a single Audi R8 can be finished in 7-8 days.

.Audi R8



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