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Renault’s Concept: The Dragonfly Look

Take a good look at the doors of the Megane’ Coupe concept. Opens like the wings of an insect, more like the dragonfly. Said a Renault executive,

The spectacular, unprecedented door-opening kinematics adds that little touch of magic which contributes to the dream factor associated with the automobile.

And it’s magical indeed and a little fancier for my taste though. This 4.5 meter long vehicle from Renault features doors that are toped by separate glazed area and when they open, will move independently, much like what dragonflies do. These wings or doors are connected to the body of the Megane by way of the carbon arm. This ensures for easy entry and exit.

The inside of the Megane looks like another world wherein the occupants of the vehicle can choose the right tempertaure he or she prefers. The driver can select from among the four-zone climate control system. The Megane concept is powered by the 147 kW turbo petrol engine. The coupe can power to 100 km/h in just 7.2 seconds. This concept from Renault is futuristic and can be seen not only on the outside design and construction, but on the interior design as well. In fact each seat is thin and minimalistic so as to keep up with the futuristic flavor of the Megane coupe. Fitted at the exterior of the ride are efficient and longer lasting LED lights. These are the front lights, fog lights and the lights that are used at the rear of the vehicle.

The interior space of the Megane is well-appointed. There’s the Bluetooth phone connection, the rear vision cameras and rear TV screens that can double as mp3 players as well. Unlocking the door of the Megane? Don’t use the key. That’s too old fashioned. The coupe cna be locked and unlocked with the use of the mobile phone.



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