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Hamilton Fined For Speeding

lewis hamilton currently the best F1 driver ON the track

Racing star Hamilton of the McLaren-Mercedes team was fined for speeding. Perhaps Hamilton has mistaken the roads of France for the race tracks of Sepang. Kidding aside, this was the second time that Hamilton has been charged for speeding. Last December the driver as was charged for speeding on a motorway near the Northern town of Laon. He was caught speeding at 196 km/ per hour where the maximum speed limit on the French motorways stands at 130km/hr.

Hamilton admitted the offence and said that the motorway was clear during that time.

Lewis Hamilton is the driver for the Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes Team. His entry into the sport is well-documented, starting when he was ten. His rookie season was a success after he finished second in the 2007 Formula One Championship behind Kimi Raikkonen. For the 2008 season, L. Hamilton works with Heikki Kovalainen who drive for Renault in 2007. He won the first race of the season, the Australian Grand Prix but for the Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang, he settled for 5th after long duels with Mark Webber and Jarno Trulli.

Hamilton is set to stay with the Mclaren-Mercedes Team until 2012 after he signed a new 5 year multi-million pound contract with the management.



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