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Pricey Cat-Cons

Quick. Tell me what you think ranks as one of the more expensive small automobile parts in the market right now.

Catcons or catalytic converters are considered as one of the more expensive car parts in the market right now. This pollution-control device often installed underneath most vehicles are well-desired not just by car owners, but by thieves as well.  The thieves need not break inside the car to get the catalytic converter, all they need to do is to use a saw to remove the device off the vehicle. What makes the catalytic converter expensive and highly important for these people?

Well aside from the fact that this automotive device helps address emission problems and help lower the toxicity of the car’s emission, this exhaust device also features ‘expensive’ things within its construction.  A lot of small amounts of metals more precious than gold are emmbed inside the device. With the price of gold and platinum hitting record highs, its no wonder that a number of people are tempted by the amount of these metals on a single catalytic converter. The typical converter may contain small amounts of platinum, palladium and rhodium and selling this device can net the person a two hundred dollars. The price may even change depending on the size of the vehicle and the converter.

This is certainly not good news for vehicle owners. The cost of replacement may start at a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars.



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