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Tata Acquires Jaguar, Land Rover

Jaguar Logo

From relative obscurity and into the big league. That’s another subplot that is working for Tata Motors right now after the brand managed to acquire Jaguar  and Land Rover from Ford Motor Company. The Indian company not only buys an ordinary brand, but a storied brand that has spanned generations.

As you can remember, Tata Motors is known as the car manufacturer that makes the Nano. This Nano is labeled as the world’s cheapest car. Now with Land Rover and the Jaguar right under the stewardship of Tata, it seems that the brand has the market all covered. The Land Rover brand brings the top-end SUV technology and cars, the Jaguar on the other hand is its bet for upmarket passenger car and of course the low-priced Nano is under Tata’s stable as well.

With the deal that was announced Wednesday, Tata is set to expand its global reach and at the same time the Jaguar and the Land Rover brand can generate its much desired capital so as to expand its product lines. This deal can also make the company at par with the world’s best. The deal is worth $2.3 billion.



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