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Nissan, Nissan Skyline GT-R

Skyline’s Fast Facts

I am what you consider a newbie when it comes to cars and car technologies; that is why when you mention to me the Nissan Skyline my first impression would be racing on the road courtesy of the Need For Speed series. In fact almost all vehicles that I truly like right now are products of that iconic game series from EA Games.

So why am I focusing on the Skyline today? Since this blog of mine is partly an exposition of the cars that I like and love, I would like to continue my listings of the best cars for me. Now you should know by now that vehilce styling and the aesthetic value of the car forms part of the greater score, with performance coming in next.

A Little Background on the Skyline.

The Skyline is a midsize car that was first introduced in the market in 1957 thru the efforts of Prince Motor Company. The car has been known to be a product of Nissan since Prince Motor and Nissan had merged in 1966. Right now, the Skyline is also being marketed as the Infiniti G35. Though the Skyline has been offered in different generations since its birth in 1957, the one that I truly like is the R35 or the new R35 GT-R that was released in Japan on October 24, 2007 as part of the Toyota Motor Show. Based on their projections then, this model is expected to be released this year as the 2009 model. Though this is a Nissan Skyline, this particular model loses the ‘Skyline’ tag.

The All-New R35: Without ‘Skyline’

The GTR features a new VR38DETT V6 twin turbo engine, but not without the traditional inline-sixies on all GT-R models. A full description of the 2009 Skyline GTR will follow on my next blog entry.



One thought on “Skyline’s Fast Facts

  1. The styling is interesting with the GT-R. The head creative designer at Nissan, Shiro Nakamura, said the lines and the style are influenced by Japanese culture, comics, magna, and specifically, those giant Gundam robots. Awesome.
    Check this out, RideLust.com has a really in-depth article on the GT-R:

    Posted by Nissan GTR Freak | August 16, 2008, 12:23 pm

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