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What’s Driving Our Billionaire$$?

If money is not a problem, what would you drive? If money is not an issue, what cars will you collect? Interesting questions is’nt it? Make you wanna stop your task for a while and dream on. Dreaming is free, and let me tell you the products of my dreams. Mercedes sports coupe’ always get me excited, Lexus sports coupe’ as well. Count an Eclipse, and throw in a tough pick-up of GM okay, make it a Silverado. Actually my list goes go and on for a while, in fact I am losing the focus of my content for the day! Okay, lets shift our attention to my current fixation. What’s driving our billionaires or should I say, what are they driving?

I asked this question since I come across an article on msn.com that deals with the cars of the rich. The article talks about what cars are most popular for the country’s rich, and what does it means if one person acquires a particular brand/model.

Take the case of billionaire Stephen Wynn, known for his high-end hotels like the Wynn Las Vegas. Wynn bought his wife a blue 2007 Ferrari F430 Spyder when they toured Ferrari’s facility in Milan. Aside from this model, Mrs Wynn also drives a Bently Arnage and a Jeep Grand Cherooke.

Another personality that spends so much for his car is real estate magnate Donald Trump. Trump likes Phantoms and Ferraris as well. He also drives a rare super car, the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. The SLR McLaren should look like this.


This car combines that style and the luxury that is reserved for Mercedes Benz, and the brawn and power known to McLaren.  This model of Mercedes Benz features a full carbon-fiber monocoque, crash structures and body panels and this mdoel is powered by a 617 horsepower supercharged 5.5 Liter V8 engine. This engine can send the SLR from zero to 60 miles per hour in 3.8 seconds. Top speed of the SLR may top 200 miles per hour. Another thing that makes the SLR McLaren impressive is the fact that this car features a high level of protection for its occupants. Perhaps this is a carry-over from the fact that Formula 1 Racing is such a dangerous sport, so vehicle safety comes first.  This SLR is the first series production vehicle to incorporate  a front crash structure that is made exclusively from carbon. Carbon composite material as we know by now can provide rigidity and strength. This kind of material and engineering can absorb four to five times more energy in a severe frontal collison or impact on the road if comapred with other materials, like conventional steel.

Another cool collector is Ralph Lauren, the name behind Polo. His collections include a 1929 Blower Bentley, 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing Coupe, 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, 1996 McLaren F1 and the 2007 Bugatti Veyron. His collection is cool and respectable, ( who am I kidding?) impressive to say the least.

Money for these people allows them to splurge not just on things that they fancy, but on things that reflect their own personalities as well. Lucky them! And for us ordinary mortals, what we can do is to dream and drool.




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