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Can Hybrids Save Us?

In a time where oil prices seems to be rising every week, the need to have a fuel-efficient car becomes more and more imperative. Enter hybrid vehicles. These vehicles seem to offer decent to above average fuel efficiency that can make everyone smile. There are a number of hybrids out there in the market right now. Leading the pack is Toyota Prius. Prius is the number one selling hybrid car in the market right now, and because of the popularity of this model, its name is almost synonymous with the name ‘hybrid’. The Honda Civic hybrid is another one, joined by the Nissan Altima hybrid, the Toyota Camry hybrid, Ford Escape hybrid and a whole lot more. Since the performance of the hybrid can be measured in terms of fuel efficiency, lets take a look at some of the vehicle’s mpg figures.

  1. Toyota Prius                           46 MPG
  2. Honda Civic Hybrid                 42 MPG
  3. Nissan Altima Hybrid               34 MPG
  4. Toyota Camry Hybrid              33 MPG
  5. Ford Escape Hybrid                 32 MPG

If this measure is the sole basis in selecting cars, then these are the cars that should be used by people. But then the use of this measure may mislead consumers for a number of reasons, and one reason is that this measure may vary depending on unique individual situations, and driving environments.



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