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Better Than Prius?

CNN reports that Prius may soon lose its title as the most fuel-efficient car in the country? Is it time to transfer the crown and put Prius back into the garage?

The vehicle is contention is Volkswagen’s entry, the VW Golf TDI Hybrid. On a test, it was revealed that this VW model gets 69 miles per gallon as compared to the 54 miles per gallon that was registered by the Prius on the same test. This will not yet affect the Prius since this just a concept, but in the long run and results will be validated and can be dupliated for mass production, then Prius crown as the most fuel efficient will soon changed hands.  America may soon welcome this efficient vehicle in the market in due time.

What makes the TDI 26 percent more efficient? The question may lie under the hood. Prius burns gasoline, while the Golf TDI features a diesel engine which is known as more efficient. But then its too early to say, plus another hurdle that the TDI will have to face is of course price and price as we know, is a thorny issue.



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