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Parking Woes?

Need to park the Lexus 460L? Worry no more since the Lexus 460L is equipped with the self-parking technology. The same technoloy that is available for the Toyota Prius for Europe and Japan. The Lexus 460L is the first vehicle in North America that is equipped with this kind of technology. With this technology on-board, the vehicle can park itself on the road thru the use of onboard ultrasonic sensors, miniature cameras, electric motors and the vehicle detection technology. A testament to how lazy the drivers have become or are we seeing one of the faces of the vehicle’s future?

How the self-parking technology works.

Parallel parking is an art. In a densely populated locale where traffic and congestion is given, often parallel parking is needed. Now in order to bring that vehicle to a complete rest next to the next vehicle on the road, proper techniques should be used. Experienced drivers may appear that they can do it with ease and finesse, but what about those average drivers?  Fender benders may happen, and dents and scratches on the vehicle may be produced. These things are reality-based, and that is why the self-parking technology like the one that was introduced by Toyota is a welcome development.

This technology on board help makes parallel parking easier. The driver still gets to do most of the job like regulating the speed of the vehilce by effectively pressing and releasing the brake pedal. When its time to actually help park the car, the vehicle’s computer system takes the steering wheel. The vehicle will then be manuevered in front of the car, and a signal will be released so as to inform the driver if its time to stop the car. The driver then will allow the vehicle to move in a reverse adn the brake should be released initially to allow the backward movement of the vehicle. The computer thru the power steering system will turn the wheel then place the vehicle at the desired spot. When the vehicle is at the right space, a signal will be released so as to inform the driver. A final signal will be issued as well if the parking assist has been finished. This is true on the Toyota Prius wherein a recorded voice will say “The assist is finished” once the job has been done.

A dashboard screen on the British edition of the Prius help makes the parking easy and convenient and the screen will basically inform and guide the driver on what to do on situations like that.

The self-parking technology is basically anchored on the presence of a number of sensing objects and tools on board the vehicle. These sensors are located on the front and rear bumper and these will usually act as transmitters and receivers. Some systems may incorporate cameras that can be seen on the bumpers and radars that maybe necessary to detect objects.

In a sense, this technlogy should be seen as a help rather than a complete solution on the road.



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