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Got the need for speed?

Brooke Burke or Rachel anyone? Or are you one of those who get to love the reworking of The Doors classic Rider’s on the Storm? Other than nation simulation gaming, another pc game that I love is the racing games, just like EA Games’ Need for Speed Series. The Need for Speed game that is offered by EA Games was actually available in 16 installments. I only got to play Hot Pursuit and the Need for Speed Underground series then my pc suddenly crashed. I loved racing my black Mitsubishi Eclipse and my Lotus Elise. On the Underground series, I opted for the more ‘laid-back’ Honda Accord, as this car is great during customization process. I will always love these two cars. By the way this game from EA has integrated car body customization into its game play and this is the reason why I’m interested as well in decals, tint and vehicle styling.

The Need for Speed Underground and the Underground 2 which I played over and over again features a story line that allows you to navigate the city and allows you to customize the vehicle on select locations in the city. Of course the key is to find these specialty shops. Brand name performance and visual upgrades are available at these shops and by the time you finished styling your car, then you are ready to take on the streets at night. Actress Brook Burke lent her voice to the game and you will constantly hear her urging you to join and win the races. Both the Underground and the Underground 2 no longer featured police pursuits that were standard on the earlier editions of the game.

Another installment is in the works to follow the Pro Street which was released in 2007.



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